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Yerseke is a relatively small fishing village. But anyone who thinks that there is little to do as a result, is wrong. The port of Yerseke is worth a tour. There are not many places left where you can still experience the traditional oyster pits like this. And how about a culinary arrangement? After the tour you can immediately enjoy all the delicacies from the Oosterschelde. And do you know that a fantastic nature reserve has also been created with the salt water of the Oosterschelde? Book a tour and discover the story of the Yerseke Moer.

The Tourist Shop Yerseke is a fantastic starting point for numerous tours and packages in and around Yerseke. You can book guided tours and packages here in the middle of the center of Yerseke. Always tailor-made, so that you can be sure that the tour matches your interests and those of your group. At Tourist Shop Yerseke they know how to tell everything about Yerseke (in Zeeuws dialect: Yese) and Oosterschelde National Park. And ofcourse they know the best addresses for, for example, a culinary tour through Yerseke.

Culinary Yerseke

In the culinary field you can make numerous discoveries here. Whoever says Yerseke is also talking about mussels, oysters, lobsters and numerous delicious fish species that are brought ashore every day. In a village where the sea is so close and the harbor is right outside the door, eating fish is an experience in itself. Whether you opt for an Eastern Scheldt lobster, a cozy mussel meal or a portion of kibbeling at the harbor, every chef makes something tasty. There is also a lot of goodies from the land and the orchards. And whoever says Zeeland knows that a Zeeuwse Bolus is also part of the culinary heritage!

Looking for the best restaurants in Yerseke? You can find them here.

Port of Yerseke

Many restaurants in Yerseke are located on and near the Havendijk, right opposite the oyster and lobster park. The activity in the ports, the wet warehouses on the Oosterschelde; everything expresses the strong connection with the sea and the fishing port. Mussel culture started here in the 15th century! As a visitor you are more than welcome here to be informed and of course to taste.

There is plenty to do in Yerseke. Check out the best places to stay overnight to get the most out of Yerseke.

Yerseke Moer

Yerseke also has a completely different side. You will discover them during a tour in the Yerseke Moer. There you go back in time. This nature reserve was created under the influence of the sea and man. In the 15th century, the peat was put away there because of the salt that was hidden in it. This is called nutation. Salt was worth a lot of money at the time. Zeeland even became Europe's salt supplier! Where the peat had been tucked away, the excavated cover layer was sloppily thrown back. This gave the Yerseke Moer its hollow-bulb character. Especially at sunrise this is a fantastic area to discover. It is very rich in birds, including the redshank, avocet, little plover and black-tailed godwit that breed there.

Book a tour or package

There is so much to do in Yerseke. You will certainly find a tour or package that suits you. Also consider the Oosterschelde National Park. Take a boat trip, go seal hunt or find your own oyster meal together. Enjoy the orchards around or visit one of the many small-scale museums! You will see that there is a world to discover in Yerseke!