B&B Sint Anna

Sint Anna B&B Petit Hotel

Bed & Breakfast

Sint Anna, B&B in a former Roman Catholic church from 1894 in Yerseke. It is a beautiful location with very hospitable owners. You can spend the night here in a beautiful ambience. Since 2014, this location is also a beautiful wedding location and there is a spacious meeting room. Staying at Sint Anna B&B Petit Hotel stands for the coziness of a B&B, with the privacy of a hotel.

Contact Sint Anna B&B Petit Hotel


Telefoon: (+31) 0113 612 001 Mobiel Meinte: (+31) 006 53 83 35 04 Mobiel Maartje: (+31) 06 53 44 76 16


Langeville 37, 4401 GL

Yerseke, Zeeland